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President Trump Releases Statement Unloading on the “Totally Corrupt and Shameless” Mainstream Media

the Dateway Pundit | By Joe Hoft | February 14, 2022 at 10:30am

The Mainstream media is covering up one of the biggest crimes in world history and President Trump is calling the media out.

The Mainstream Media in the US has gotten worse, not better.  When President Trump came on the stage and won the 2016 Election, the media had a choice, either continue their lying to the American public or change and become honest and respectable.  They, unfortunately, chose the former and are getting more and more dishonest by the day.

The media lies by not only sharing false stories with the American public but also by not telling the many stories that the American people need to know.  Hillary paying for spying on the Trump Administration is a huge story that the media ignores, just like their silence on the 2020 stolen election.

President Trump shared today:

Can you imagine that, what should be the biggest story of our time, bigger than Watergate, is getting absolutely no mention, ZERO, in the New York Times, Washington Post, ABC Fake News, NBC Fake News, CBS Fake News, ratings-dead CNN, and MSDNC. This in itself is a scandal, the fact that a story so big, so powerful, and so important for the future of our Nation is getting zero coverage from LameStream, is being talked about all over the world. Just like they wouldn’t talk about the many Biden corruption scandals prior to the Election, (or for that matter now!), they won’t talk about this, which is potentially even bigger. It shows how totally corrupt and shameless the media is. Can you imagine if the roles were reversed and the Republicans, in particular President Donald Trump, got caught illegally spying into the Office of the President? All hell would break loose and the electric chair would immediately come out of retirement. The good news is, everybody is talking about not only this atrocity against our Nation, but that the press refuses to even mention the major crime that took place.

President Trump is correct.  The Mainstream Media is corrupt and shameless.

Source:  President Trump Releases Statement Unloading on the “Totally Corrupt and Shameless” Mainstream Media (thegatewaypundit.com)

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