July 14, 2024

Radical left doubles down on child propaganda using Elmo and Big Bird to push COVID vaccines on kids

The Liberty Loft | by JD Washington | November 7, 2021

Charlotte, NC — There is absolutely no single low that the radical left will not stoop to in order to control society. They have no issue brainwashing kids into believing that being American is bad, teaching them CRT in schools, and now, brainwashing them to believe that COVID vaccines are perfectly acceptable.

Before I share the story, let me remind you that the FDA could not guarantee the safety of the vaccine for children. Medical journals also indicate that Pfizer faked some of its data to gain approval. Not to mention the Biden regime was shipping vaccines prior to the approval, giving a lot of concern over the government conspiracy to force vaccines on kids.

The radical left’s propaganda for child vaccines started as they used Big Bird as a pawn in their play. Yes, the popular big yellow bird announced to the Twitter world that a COVID vaccine had been administered to Big Bird.

Make sure to take note of the name that is dropped in the tweet by Big Bird. Erica Hill is a CNN journalist and a COVID activist.

Then the radical left proceeded to spread more propaganda using Elmo. Elmo is another popular children’s character who said that he was happy to learn his “friends” could get the COVID vaccine now.

In this propaganda segment, CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta spoke with Elmo about the vaccine. I am still waiting on CNN to announce that they are the official propaganda arm of the US government and the Biden regime.

CNN did not stop at the simple Sesame Street propaganda tweets. They helped push the videos of the vaccines, even spreading a video online of Sesame Street’s Rosita getting her first dose of the vaccine.

I have said multiple times that I believe it to be a personal decision to obtain a COVID vaccine. A person should educate themselves and decide if they want to take the vaccine or not, which includes making the decision if they want their child to obtain the COVID vaccine. There can be arguments to made on both sides to the effectiveness and risks of the vaccine.

But to take this to a propaganda level of employing children’s characters to help push an agenda, that’s low. This is a personal decision, one that parents must make through education. This should not be a decision that parents are forced into because the kid says “but mommy Elmo got his vaccine.”

CNN continues to prove that it is not a news or journalistic organization. They are a propaganda arm of the Biden regime and as I said, they should clearly identify themselves as such.

This continued assault on American children has to stop. Parents not only have to be concerned about their child’s education but also any media that their child consumes. The radical left is looking to infiltrate their minds with filth and garbage everywhere you turn.

I stand by the statements that I have said many times. My child will never attend a public school and he will never consume any content that I have not screened first. This is not the first time that Sesame Street has helped push the radical left agenda. If you have not canceled Sesame Street in your home already, you absolutely should after this.

Source: Radical left doubles down on child propaganda using Elmo and Big Bird to push COVID vaccines on kids – The Liberty Loft

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