May 24, 2024
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Rep Boebert: Left Will Use Upcoming Food Shortages As “Vessel” For Their Entire Agenda

News| by Missy Crane | April 5, 2022

Democrat politicians never let a tragedy go to waste.

As a matter of fact, they thrive off of tragedy.

That’s when they do their best work.

And there are a couple of reasons why. The entire Democrat Party exists based solely on the notion that you “need” them, and people who “need” the government are almost always in hopeless situations, otherwise, why would they need the government’s help?

The other reason is that the left is always about “transforming” America and shifting away from where we are, to something totally different — and that doesn’t always mean “better.”

And you can’t shift people away from something they’re used to and comfortable with when times are good, prosperous, and plenty.

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The kinds of sweeping changes Dems like to make can only happen in dark, miserable, painful times.

So, that’s why Dems don’t rush to fix things like soaring gas prices… they want to break you, so you’ll make their “Green” friends rich and buy electric cars.

Meat and poultry are too expensive to make for dinner? Good, now you can make Bill Gates richer by eating synthetic lab-made chicken instead.

And Rep Boebert says it’s only going to get worse.

She says Biden will use the upcoming food shortages for everything in the left’s agenda.

Here’s what Rep. Boebert said: “Food shortages can be a vessel for everything in the Left’s agenda: No available animal proteins? Move to insect-based proteins High gas prices? Stop driving, move to denser urban areas Crimewave? More gun control More inflation? Universal Basic Income They want to own you.”

This entire plan is the foundation of what you call the “Great Reset,” or the New World Order.

And Joe Biden has been a proponent for decades.

I know he tries to appear like this “aww shucks” Uncle Joe type, but Joe Biden is a globalist elite through and through.

He’s swindled most of his money from other countries.

Nobody loves a “global economy” more than Joe Biden, so he and his Handlers are eager to push through as much of the “reset” as possible in whatever time they have left.

And in order to do that, they need everything to collapse… the whole bottom needs to fall out.

The only reason this didn’t happen sooner, is because President Trump screwed up their plans.

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