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DavesPaper.com | by Calvin Audibert | May 10, 2023

A group who opposes the trafficking of children across state lines for the purpose of administrating transgender drugs or medical surgeries without parental consent is urging Maine people to testify against LD 1735 on Friday.

Courage Is A Habit group says that LD 1735 is a transgender trafficking bill that will allow Maine to harbor children from parents who do not agree to providing transgender drugs or surgeries.

Maine State Representative Laurie Osher (D-Orono) is the sponsor of LD 1735. Maine State Senator Anne Carney (D-Cumberland) the same legislator responsible for reducing public comment time from three minutes to one minute is a co-sponsor of LD 1735.

According to Courage Is A Habit (www.CourageIsaHabit.org), LD 1735 would:

  • Allow minors to travel across state lines for Transgender procedures, including breast binders, penis tucking, irreversible drugs, double mastectomies, and castration (“gender affirming care”)
  • Parents will be denied custody of their children based on their refusal to consent to horrific Transgender medical procedures
  • Will nullify any existing custody agreements in the parents’ home state.
  • Will negatively impact parental rights in all 50 states. State-sanctioned trafficking.

Here is the text LD 1735,

Here are several ways Maine people can engage LD 1735:

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