Transgender Surgeries in US Nearly Tripled in 3 Years

The Epoch Times | by Mary Gillis| August 23, 2023 DP News Summary Talking Points: Transgender surgeries nearly tripled in the United States between 2016 and 2019, with breast and chest procedures accounting for 56.6 percent of all operations, results of a study published Wednesday in the JAMA Network Open show. Close behind was genital […]

Christian Mom Says Gender Ideology Destroyed Family After Husband Transitioned

Fox News| by Hannah Grossman| August 24, 2023 DP News Summary Talking Points: A Christian mom says that transgender ideology tore her family apart after her husband transitioned to become a woman. Tracy Shannon believes her ex-husband lost himself in “fetish behavior,” which began with what she described as “cross-dressing.” Shannon discovered the behavior after […]

Biden Admin Releases LGBTQ Toolkit Encouraging Schools To Support Student ‘Sexuality’ Clubs

Daily Caller | by Reagan Reese | June 27, 2023 The Department of Education (ED) released an LGBTQ toolkit in June for schools and wider districts to create an “inclusive” environment, encouraging the creation of student clubs centered around Gender and Sexuality Alliances (GSA). The ED’s “Toolkit for Creating Inclusive and Nondiscriminatory School Environments for […]

Sexual criminality is deeply tied to gender ideology

Washington Examiner| by Debra Soh | June 27, 2023 On Thursday, Stacie-Marie Laughton, a former New Hampshire state representative and the nation’s first transgender -identifying lawmaker, was arrested for allegedly distributing child pornography. Laughton has faced prior charges for stalking, credit card fraud, and making a bomb threat. The case is connected to a childcare center in Massachusetts , involving children […]

SAY NO TO LD 1735 ANTI-TRANSGENDER TRAFFICKING GROUP URGES | by Calvin Audibert | May 10, 2023 A group who opposes the trafficking of children across state lines for the purpose of administrating transgender drugs or medical surgeries without parental consent is urging Maine people to testify against LD 1735 on Friday. Courage Is A Habit group says that LD 1735 is a […]

Eighth graders using the wrong pronouns is now considered sexual harassment

Washington Examiner | by Zachary Faria | May 16, 2022 The insanity of transgender ideology doesn’t stop with encouraging children to undergo damaging, irreversible procedures that involve mutilating or poisoning their bodies. Now, children who don’t butcher the English language at the behest of gender-dysphoric students must be investigated for sexual harassment. This is playing […]

Trump slams Biden administration on transgender policies

The New York Post | By Patrick Reilly | April 3, 2022 Former president Donald Trump slammed the Biden administration’s endorsement of surgery and medical therapy for transgender minors at a rally in Michigan on Saturday. “This week the Biden administration released guidance endorsing hormone therapy, puberty blockers and sex-changing surgeries for children and minor youth,” Trump told […]

Fairfax County library puts ‘Gender Queer’ and ‘Lawn Boy’ next to Bible in ‘holiday reading display’

Fox News | by Tyler O’Neil | December 8, 2021 Virginia library removed display after outcry Fairfax County student proves concerned parents’ point about explicit material A Fairfax County Public Schools student said “There’s nothing that is inappropriate unless you go looking for it” in school libraries, bolstering parents’ concerns about the availability of “pornographic” […]