May 23, 2024

The Horror in Loudoun County That Decided an Election Receives a Major Update

RedState | By Bonchie | Jan 12, 2022 6:30 PM ET
While it seems like an eternity ago at this point, just months ago RedState reported on the disturbing developments out of Loudoun County that would ultimately help decide Virginia’s election.

Scott Smith, whose daughter was raped in the school bathroom by a boy in a skirt, was viciously beaten by police and arrested for trying to speak out at a school board meeting. He was vilified by the media and made the face of parental “domestic terrorism” by the DOJ.

In the end, no national media outlet even attempted to find out the real story. Instead, the Daily Wire’s investigative reporter, Luke Rosiak, dug into the allegations and uncovered the rape allegations (yes, there were multiple ones) as well as the attempted cover-up by the school board and a local prosecutor.

Now, perhaps some semblance of justice has been served? The boy in question has been convicted on all counts, and according to the judge, he had one of the most disturbing psychiatric evaluations she’s ever seen. That led her to place him on the sex offender list for life, something she’s never done for another minor.
Scott Smith, the father of one victim, told the court “We were accused of lying about this sexual assault for political gain. That didn’t go over well with half of Loudoun County,” as liberals demonized him as an ignorant bigot for being angry at a school board meeting.
— Luke Rosiak (@lukerosiak) January 12, 2022
The second victim, assaulted in a classroom, told the court in a statement that when a new kid transferred to her school and showed up wearing an ankle monitor, she was kind to him. But she did not know he was out on bail for rape. And he took advantage of her kindness.
— Luke Rosiak (@lukerosiak) January 12, 2022

Because the perpetrator is underage, the actual punishment is minuscule, aside from spending a lifetime on the sex offender list. He will receive residential treatment, where I assume he’ll be somewhat confined and forced to go through some kind of rehabilitation therapy. Clearly, the boy is dealing with some serious mental issues and his home environment was only exacerbating them.

But while the boy in question is ultimately responsible for his actions, the other side of this story remains the Loudoun County school board and other local officials who sought to ignore the rape of multiple children in order to push protect their political ideology. They saw their new transgender bathroom policies as more important than doing their jobs to protect kids. That’s disqualifying, and though many of them aren’t up for re-election yet, those that choose to remain should be opposed. Parents should not forget what was done because despite some justice being served, the damage is already done here. There needs to be some accountability for that among these elected officials.

Lastly, one of the sickest aspects of this was the leftwing media’s insistence on not only not investigating the matter but downplaying the incident because it countered their political wants, which included Terry McAuliffe becoming the governor of Virginia. Reason magazine, a libertarian outlet, also attacked Rosiak’s reporting under the guise of supporting transgender policies. Truly, it was a gross spectacle and one that should not be forgotten.

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