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Time For Choosing: 88 Years In The Making

DavesPaper.com | DP Editorial | September 7, 2022

As I sit at my keyboard, it’s Wednesday morning. 2022 Labor Day holiday weekend is in the history books. Children are settling into their new school schedule as everyone else gets back into their work routine.

There’s 109 days until Christmas. 78 days until Thanksgiving. 62 days until Election Day.

58 years ago, a man… an actor… a patriot, took to television to warn America there was a time for choosing.

The date was October 27, 1964. The man was Ronald Reagan.

Well, 58 years has past since Reagan’s speech and how has America faired?

Has America “wakened up”?

Has America changed it’s ways?

Was Reagan wrong?

Please take 30 minutes and watch (or listen) to a warning given by one who would become one of the greatest American presidents some sixteen years later. As you watch (I recommend listening and when doing so, replace “Barry Goldwater” with “Donald Trump”…you will almost think the speech was given in 2022).

Nearly nine decades later, America is at her last fork in the road. Or, as Lt. Gov Mark Robinson so elegantly compared; America is the 20th Maine standing up on Little Round Top staring down on the advancing communist army.

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