June 20, 2024

Trump Is A Buzzkill

by Amy Loftus | December 10, 2021

This is an essay I published on Substack in order to help people wake up out of the mass hypnosis that often involves targeting Trump. Transcribed here too:

When I was a deluded Democrat, I watched The Handmaid’s Tale in horror, certain it would be the fate of our nation because of Trump. I thought Trump was the King to fear in the following passage from the Declaration of Independence.

“But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new guards for their future security.—Such has been the patient sufferance of these Colonies; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government. The history of the present King of Great Britain is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States. To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid world.

Allow me to submit some facts to a candid world. I thought that described Trump. (It actually describes Newsom.) I thought that described Trump until I sought the facts, and woke up. It was a combination of trust in God, research and wholesome attention to self. It’s a long story but the most important part is a miracle. During a GI tract illness causing me horrible pain on a daily basis, I asked God to remove anything contributing to my physical pain. Knowing hatred of Trump could not be helping, I prayed specifically to be relieved of it. (Read Napoleon Hill’s Outwitting the Devil if you want to know about the power of specific prayers.)

The mechanism of prayer is a quantum mystery that Reverend Michael Beckwith has mastered explaining, so I will leave it to him. I will simply note that in December of 2019, as a result of my daily prayer, I began to reclaim memories and critically think about politics in a way I hadn’t before. I was looking for evidence, inside and out. Outside example: where is the evidence that Marianne Williamson, a great writer and speaker, actually helped children in dire need, other than eloquently creating awareness? I was donating to and volunteering for her campaign, and I couldn’t find any. Inside example: Memory of full body spidey-sense dread chills, when I witnessed (in real time) W being told on national television about the Towers on that awful Tuesday in NYC in September. I had set aside my dislike of him, and prepared myself in meditation on behalf of innocent victims, to stand in solidarity with him. Only to witness that moment and realize that everything in my body and being told me that he KNEW. Maybe I’m wrong, but denying the body while it is warning you and protecting you is immoral. It doesn’t lie. So I am telling myself and you. It scared me. I pushed that down and tried to forget it, and in 2019, it was coming up again.

Then, God granted me an opportunity in an acquaintance from my hometown who moved to my area. We began neighborhood walks. She worked for the TV show The Apprentice for a decade. Her firsthand experiences of Trump included anecdotes like a quick cell phone call from him advising she avoid a gridlocked street in Manhattan, which, for a lowly locations scout working her way up, could mean termination. “He didn’t have to do stuff like that” she said. This caused me to remember my original impression of him before I fell victim to a subtle program going on in my hip business (music) in my hip town (LA). I knew enough not to boast about it, but watching the Apprentice helped me navigate setting up my own publishing company and handle basic hiring and compensation tasks with common sense.

Y’all, Trump is a buzzkill.

He doesn’t drink. He hates alcohol, in fact. Picture the guy who orders an orange juice under the hand painted ceiling murals and crown molding during cocktail hour, in all its anticipatory glory, at a fundraiser in a fancy hotel. Everybody is two rounds in, letting details slide. Exaggerations are unanimously and unconsciously permitted. Then the guy that doesn’t drink kind of purifies the vibe, and everyone resents that they just got purified. God works through everyone. I know, I cringed at that theory too, when I was a Deluded Dem, even once tweeting “the most dangerous person to deceive is the self” at a Pastor that claimed God was working through Trump. (Yes. I was talking about myself.) Because it’s true. God works through us all. God worked through the homeless person you passed, because it made you realize you have a roof over your head. It’s not about religion, it’s about Unity, and allowing the awareness and the space to be a human with access to the Divine.

Trump’s a money guy, and money guys are a buzzkill! We all know a married couple’s health and fidelity could be better diagnosed by their financial manager than their priest, pastor or marriage counselor. Numbers don’t lie. The bottom line guy knows what’s happening, and tells what’s happening. And that is what Trump did when he got to DC. Now I am not going to draw conclusions on morality here and I do not subscribe to movements that paint him a savior. I will tell you, however, that I find “missing context” a most ironic phrase in the desperate censorship we see on social media. Because I think when you measure the fact that some of the people Trump has verbally eviscerated on the Internet could be involved in unspeakable harm, you find yourself evaluating him for sticks and stones in the face of characters who may deal in skulls and bones. Once President, Trump faced the bottom line. He found out what was happening, and he called out what was happening.

My walking pal told me that Trump’s daughter Ivanka wrote a paper on human slavery and trafficking when she was in high school and he respected her interest in it. She was a teenager. I had intuitively gathered that he loved and respected his children after their appearance on Oprah. That was another intuitive moment I pressed down and tried to forget, because by then, my programming was underway. An admission ticket to liberal circles in the indie music business was often purchased with at least a little disdain for him. The stage was being set. But I couldn’t deny what I sensed, while I didn’t want to admit it. “He must’ve hired great nannies” someone once said. Perhaps, but there was this pervasive hunch, bothersome to my liberal mission: his children liked him and they respected him. And yes, as a result of respecting his daughter’s concerned interest, he made history by being the first president to prioritize eradicating the $150 billion dollar international human slavery and trafficking business. Not much mainstream press about the biggest business there is, which touches every single system and service, public and private-why?

Speaking of human slavery through trafficking, Epstein’s slap on the wrist in the mid-2000s in Palm Beach was very likely because of Trump. He banned him from Mara a Lago for messing with an employee’s daughter. He bought a building out from under Epstein because he prefers loud, rude, grand gestures over leaving someone off the guest list or establishing a politically correct, low opinion of someone. I appreciate a grand gesture with a child predator likely responsible for immeasurable, unspeakable harm to minors. Don’t you?

I could go on, and on, and on, and on, and on about the press I did and didn’t see from 2016 until 2019. The pictures I didn’t see, of him with kids, video I didn’t see, of him speaking warmly and calmly with a family in the Oval office. The pictures I did see, doctored blooper shots with his daughter that were made to turn our stomachs or other unappealing visual innuendos “missing context”. There’s that phrase again. Is it starting to dawn on you? You really have to dig for documentation without spin.

Now, I am not the one to follow on specific policy and the list of actions Trump took to restore this nation and protect it from small interests with big money. I’ll just tell you that when I was driving along the freeway in LA letting NPR raise my blood pressure with their sing song-ey virtue signal speak, waxing poetic about how he was emptying offices in the White House, I didn’t know it was an indication he was restoring our free republic. By dismissing accepted norms and protocols that were unwritten but deeply revered by former presidents, he was being a buzzkill to the distorted left and all its trappings. Protecting us from vague NGOs that went from $0 to $3M overnight. (How?) Hell I didn’t know what an NGO was and if you don’t either it’s a Non-Government Organization. I also didn’t know who sponsored the NPR News Hour I tuned into regularly. (I do now.) The small interest groups that appear to be perched on such high moral ground that you can’t see into them, (and you are supposed to feel shame about that, and that shame is by design, to block you from looking further into them) those groups all have an agenda. Conscious or not, (and some good people are unconsciously involved) most small interest groups are a storefront for a rickety stairwell down, into a cul-de-sac of conformity leading to utter darkness. How bad? BAD. An open air prison at best. Surveilled smart cities on social credit, the end of bodily autonomy, surrender to the digital and not the Divine, a “you’ll own nothing and like it” hot mess. Reminds me of the Dutch producer who spun around in his chair while we were working on a song. I had asked about his home country. Suddenly animated he said “oh yes, the Netherlands, so revered I know, we are the happiest…bullshit! They never say the suicide rate! Communism kills!” And if you think that big money and small interest groups aren’t affecting you, please look again. They have infiltrated practically every single town in the country, whether through enthusiasm or complacency. City Councils and School Boards predominantly stand with .58% of the nation. The transgender community along with it’s allies, less than 1% of the nation, is attempting unnecessary, irrational, harmful policy for the 99%, especially innocent children, all over the country. And it’s not because love is love. It’s because agenda is agenda. Along with that, toxic theories on race. And I’m WAY too sick of the show involving the fashionable little illness that has been dominating all of our lives since March of 2020, but it’s connected to that too. Historically, evil is accomplished by causing people to think events are separate, impossible to comprehend, and unrelated. These are not. It’s all connected. The truth is obvious and simple. Lies are hidden and complicated. Fearful thinking is splintered, heart centered awareness is whole.

You know what I’m talkin about. I represent you. I see you hiding in silence, and I know your fear because it was mine. I have been wanting to write this article and do this podcast for almost a year, but I was afraid of all the people in my life who need me to keep hating Trump. I am not afraid of them anymore, and I don’t hate Trump. (I don’t think I ever did, actually.)

Who am I? I am the daughter of a red haired Irishman who had PTSD from growing up in poverty with five siblings and hardworking parents that immigrated from Westport in County Mayo, Ireland. I wrote a song about him and, and ever the Sagittarian optimist, he humbly said “you make it sound worse than it was”. He became a physician because he was “sick of being poor”. He never forgot what it was like, though, and his waiting room was full of black and brown people who didn’t have insurance. He HATED Big Pharma, stood opposed to their TV ads becoming legal and prescribed yoga before surgery in the 70s (before it was cool). I thought all doctors accepted paintings and crocheted blankets for hip replacements. I grew up in a beautiful home in the suburbs where I was definitely encouraged to discriminate but instead I watched my father’s face. In moments like when the next door neighbor made her Mexican cleaning lady’s 16 year old daughter sit and wait in the car for 8 hours while she worked, I saw his face and felt his disgust and that did more for me morally than my school, church and community. I modeled myself after my father’s face and what it said about what was wrong, and what was was right. The fact that I am writing this to prove my white face to the toxic “woke” intellectual terrorism taking place is sad, but I will do anything to rule out dismissal so that I can be heard and give people permission to be themselves, liberate themselves, and take back their lives, communities, and this country.

I have been in the Arts since my father’s determination to keep me from becoming a “suburban daffodil” put me on a train to the Art Institute of Chicago for a college level drawing class at age 12. I have worked as a painter, a dancer, an actor, a voice over artist, and a singer/songwriter in addition to dozens of side hustles, since then. Among the top five memorable compliments I’ve received as a singer is the time I walked into a wedding band audition and the bandleader said “I thought you were black!” He had heard me singing “You Don’t Know Me” on my demo. I walked on air that day. I have had the privilege to work with and celebrate all races of transgender, gay, straight and bi people from all religions, walks of life and cultures for over half my life. I have also taught yoga to people from all walks of life. You’d think I’d be a shoo-in for the left’s movement, right? I was, but I knew and accepted I was a part of a small subculture and I did not need that to change-neither did my friends and colleagues in the Arts. And then I found out what it was really about, and felt incredibly duped. You should too, if you’re still stuck in it. They make a mockery of good-hearted souls. I paid dearly under the hypnosis of the radical left, which contributed to losing my chance to bear children. God restored the years the locusts had eaten through my marriage to a parent and I am a proud lion-hearted stepmama who can see right through the spiritual theft taking place in our children’s public schools in California, under the guise of falsely lit virtue.

You can try judging me and putting me in a box now, to dismiss what I see and know, but you won’t be able to, and I refuse. I can sense how I am scanned for whether or not I’m religious, from the south, in a pink MAGA hat, a trophy wife, a Republican, and on. I’m not anything but a human being with a heart beating in her chest who is her father’s daughter. I am as allergic to hypocrisy and bs as he was, and I read as much as he did. I am a patchwork quilt of what it really means to be a liberal, which is now emerging as a whole new movement of moral individuality within community. And I am calling out the boxes into which people keep shoving truth tellers like me. They only help continue the charades currently going on. Just stop. Be a human, capable of accessing the Divine in one single moment, with one single breath.


Just. keep. picturing. Trump. at. the. fundraisers. declining. a. cocktail. He’s a buzzkill. He is not ever altered. He is in reality, and a lot of people who know what is really going on are in reality too. Most of them will not be allowed at Christmas dinner this year, because pure evil in the form of public health representatives have weaponized what was once private, personal medical information.

But don’t listen to me, do your own research.

It’s not about Trump, y’all. And if you don’t volunteer to go find this stuff out for yourself soon, I think the emotional pain and mental anguish that you may be forced into could be unbearable.

I’m a born teacher, so here’s my 4 HOW-tos. Please get started.

  1. WRITE WITH A PEN EVERY MORNING. Write ANYTHING. IT HAS TO BE WITH A PEN. On paper. Three pages. Write “this wacky songwriter on Substack and Podbean said to write well well well don’t know what to do…” I mean anything. Doodle. This will do more for you than you can possibly imagine. Write gratefuls or letters to God, goals, dreams, gripes, wishes, rage letters, anything. But just WRITE. Three pages. Every day.
  2. READ. Read the Constitution, read the Bible, read the Bhagavad Ghita, read studies, read novels, read the horizon, read the label, read the signs. Read anything. Read.
  3. BREATHE. Breathe calmly while still, and also break a sweat and breathe consciously. Don’t break a sweat in a gym. (feeling bad, friends that work in them, but I think they are toxic cesspools, especially psychically) Hire a trainer over Zoom or just dance to songs you loved when you were 16 or run up a hill-just MOVE and then BREATHE in a labored way and feel. Breathe, calmly and actively, and feel.
  4. Seek information from individual voices. Find individual people who openly share their values with you, and are doing research and curating and/or creating information. Seek cultural, medical, spiritual, local and national politics, and more, from individuals that are not limited in what they share by loyalties to massive corporate conglomerates. Some may even work for them but are not limited by them. This will feel WIERD. You will be tempted to go back to familiar low vibration sources. That’s when you call your friend who knows about narcissistic abuse, ok? Or Melanie Tonia Evans. Also, don’t watch TV commercials. Mute them and look out the window until they are over. Once you start curating your finds, you’ll realize there is crossover between topics from different voices, because it is all connected. It’s not separate. Everything going on right now is related. I am not going to name anybody, like say for instance Dr. Christiane Northrup MD or Kyle Cease, or the podcaster Chris Paul or scientist Robert Malone, MD or Peter McCullough MD , (wink wink, heh hehe) it is up to you to find yours. But seriously— do your own work. remember how much you heard that in school?

Do your own work. Get the big picture. Form your own opinions about people in the public eye in a rational and calm way without emotion. Stop feeding the system that requires you to have high levels of intense emotion about people you have never even met. It will open you to looking at principles and policy and it will open us all to Prosperity and Truth.

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