May 25, 2024

Violent Insurrection? New Security Footage From Jan 6th Shows Capitol Police Officers Herding Protesters Inside As They Enter The Capitol – Then Stood Back (Video)

Gateway Pundit | by Julian Conradson | October 18, 2021

Unless you have been living in a cave for the entirety of 2021, you have been told repeatedly that the “insurrection” on January 6th was the worst attack on democracy in American history – worse than Pearl Harbor, 9/11, or even the Civil War (according to Joe Biden).

The media hacks and swampy politicians have shamelessly parroted this lie and ignored the facts since the beginning.

Now, the entire bogus ‘insurrection’ narrative is completely falling apart.

Last week, federal prosecutors publicly released two US Capitol surveillance videos showing the moment that Trump supporters entered the building through a previously-unseen smaller entranceway.

Instead of showing a raucous gang of violent white supremacists busting through the doors and windows – like the media claims – the crowd calmly files into a line and walks into the building as Capitol Hill Police officers herd them inside.

You can even see one of the Capitol Police officers clearly waving at the people inside when he is walking towards them.

(Can be seen at the 5-second mark in the video).

Also at the very beginning of the video, the crowd stops moving forward when the officers arrive, almost as if they are asking for permission to enter. When the cops walk by and let them pass, the crowd continues flowing inside.

In a later part of the video, police have successfully bottlenecked the crowd at the first entrance, preventing anyone else from getting in. Then, out of nowhere, one of the officers leans into the others and they begin to walk the crowd into the building, leaving the entrance completely unattended. 

Last month, the Biden administration released another video from inside the Capitol on Jan 6th that shows a similarly calm and peaceful crowd of Trump supporters milling around as if they were inside a shopping mall.

At the beginning of that security footage, a seemingly organized group of black-clad individuals can be seen breaking into the building, before they mysteriously disappear and the crowd files into the building. 

You can tell from both of the videos that the so-called “insurrection” and “worst attack since the Civil War” looked more like an Open House.

There was no violence, the Trump supporters were peaceful, orderly and all left the building when they were asked to – and, as you can see in the most recent footage, they were hesitant to enter, only continuing ahead after being given the go-ahead by officers. 

Not to mention, the incident on Jan 6th bears a striking resemblance to a recent leftist ‘insurrection’ that just took place in Washington DC.

‘Insurrections’ are common practice for leftists. They have repeatedly taken over federal buildings to advance their radical agendas while causing significant damage and harm in the process – but rarely, if ever, face any consequences from the establishment.

Who are the real ‘insurrectionists’ and ‘domestic terrorists?’

As Nancy Pelosi and the authoritarian swamp carry out their bogus witch hunt on Trump supporters who were in attendance, keep in mind that the only people who were killed by violence that day were 2 trump supporters – Ashli Babbit and Rosanne Boyland — and two other Trump supporters that we’r not sure about.

The entire incident was so ‘dangerous’ that authorities were able to clear out the protesters and secure the building by the evening, so the corrupt swamp and Mike Pence could certify the bogus election results the very same night. 

“Worse than the Civil War,” what a joke.

As more evidence comes out, it continues to prove that the January 6th insurrection narrative is a complete lie

Source: Violent Insurrection? New Security Footage From Jan 6th Shows Capitol Police Officers Herding Protesters Inside As They Enter The Capitol – Then Stood Back (Video) (

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