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Voters in Dem stronghold praise Youngkin on schools. Others worry he’s too close to Trump

Fox News | by Jon Michael Raasch, Matt Wall | November 2, 2021

Virginia voters say education policy drove them to vote for Youngkin

FAIRFAX, Va. – Voters in Fairfax County, Virginia, a Democratic stronghold, braved the rain and cold to cast their ballots for Tuesday’s gubernatorial election and shared their views on the candidates with Fox News.

Many Democrats said they’re supporting former Gov. Terry McAuliffe to rebuff Trumpism, while Republican voters said they want Glenn Youngkin to win because of his education policies. Nearly 70% of the county voted for Democrat Ralph Northam, who won the election in 2017 — the most recent gubernatorial contest.

“This election, I am actually supporting a Republican, Glenn Youngkin, because I feel like he cares about education and safety, and those two things are the most important things to me at this point,” Dana Jackson, who said she’s an independent, told Fox News.

A McAuliffe supporter said: “He was a good governor before. And [Youngkin], [Donald] Trump said, ‘Well, he’s going to do everything we tell him to do.’ And that’s very scary to me.”

Trump has not appeared in person at any Youngkin events. The Republican candidate has also kept some distance from the former president.

“I would like to see Youngkin win,” Alex, a Virginia mother, told Fox News. “I’m out here for my kids, and I think parents have a right to make decisions for their own children.”

“I think parents need to be involved in their kids’ education,” she continued. “They should be making choices for their own kids, medically, educationally.”

Sandy, a McAuliffe supporter, told Fox News: “We can’t go back to Trumpism.” 

Another Virginia voter told Fox News: “I voted for Glenn Youngkin. Time for us to take back control of schools, curriculum and end this race-based, Marxist indoctrination.”

“McAuliffe said the parents have no say in their children’s education,” he continued. “I mean, hell, doesn’t matter to him — he sent his kids to private school.”

Corey, a Youngkin voter told Fox News: “I think he’s better for the community, better for school systems. Overall, I think he’s just a better candidate.”

Source: Voters in Dem stronghold praise Youngkin on schools. Others worry he’s too close to Trump | Fox News

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