April 16, 2024

Wendy Rogers Announces New ‘Election Integrity Caucus’, Compares Significance to ‘The Continental Congress’

Members of the caucus include Arizona’s Mark Finchem and Virginia’s Amanda Chase

Jack Hadfield by JACK HADFIELD | August 12, 2021

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers has announced the formation of the new “Election Integrity Caucus,” consisting of legislators from all states of the Union.

“I am one of the founding members of the newly formed Election Integrity Caucus that consists of legislators from all 50 states,” Rogers tweeted on Thursday, saying that it reminds her of the Continental Congress, the legislative body during the time of the American Revolution which drafted the Declaration of Independence. “We will meet regularly and we will talk regularly to implement the securing our elections,” Rogers added.

Rogers later shared a photo of some, but not all, of the members of the Election Integrity Caucus together. Along with Rogers, the photo also included fellow Arizona legislator, State Representative Mark Finchem, currently running to replace Democrat Katie Hobbs as Secretary of State, and Virginia State Senator Amanda Chase, another strong proponent of election integrity.

At a press conference, Chase said that the members of the Election Integrity caucus were promoting a “united front” for the cause. “Going forth, we will have a bimonthly meeting to continue the efforts for partial and full election audits in all 50 states,” Chase noted. “We are asking for those folks back home to reach out to your legislators and ask them to call for an audit… in their communities.” (READ MORE: ‘ARREST THEM’: Wendy Rogers Responds to Maricopa County and Dominion Refusing to Comply with Senate Subpoenas)

Rogers, who also spoke at the conference, said that they would together “take the plenary power that the United States Constitution has given state legislators, and we’re going to take our country back,” saying that they would forensically audit every country that used voter machines that have come under scrutiny by various people during the 2020 election.

“We have a packageable entity from our experience in Arizona that we can share across the United States,” Rogers continued, suggesting that other states with election integrity issues should follow the example of doing a full forensic audit in the vein of what occurred in Maricopa County.

Source: BREAKING: Wendy Rogers Announces New ‘Election Integrity Caucus’, Compares Significance to ‘The Continental Congress’ – National File