June 13, 2024
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Eighth graders using the wrong pronouns is now considered sexual harassment

Washington Examiner | by Zachary Faria | May 16, 2022

The insanity of transgender ideology doesn’t stop with encouraging children to undergo damaging, irreversible procedures that involve mutilating or poisoning their bodies. Now, children who don’t butcher the English language at the behest of gender-dysphoric students must be investigated for sexual harassment.

This is playing out in Kiel, Wisconsin, where the school district has filed a Title IX complaint against three eighth graders. Their high crime was their failure to use grammatically incorrect plural pronouns “they/them” to refer to a single student. This even though school officials apparently have failed to do the same, according to the attorneys representing the students.

Even if the student in question had chosen grammatically correct pronouns, it wouldn’t matter. The reality is that students don’t have to adhere to any pronoun demands. But the school district has decided to make an example of them. It wants to be able to compel students to use language they don’t want to use, even if it defies science and is an offense against the English language. Otherwise, it’s “sexual harassment.”

This deranged view of “tolerance” and “inclusivity” calls for all dissent to be forcibly shut down, even if it comes from 13-year-olds. Books that don’t adhere to transgender dogma must be removed. Media outlets that publish opinion pieces about the differences between men and women must be shamed into altering them. Sexual assaults in schools must be covered up if the perpetrator is “gender-fluid.” States that try to prevent irreversible chemical and physical alterations to children who suffer from gender dysphoria must be targeted by the Justice Department.

And, yes, eighth graders must be investigated for sexual harassment for saying “she” instead of “they.”

Unrelenting adherence to transgender ideology is now a central tenet of the Democratic Party. That view has also taken over establishment media, popular culture, corporations such as Amazon and Disney, and public schools, as we are seeing in Kiel.

If a school district is willing to bring down its power on a few eighth graders, there is no limit to how far this destructive ideology will go unless it is vigorously opposed at every turn.

Source: Eighth graders using the wrong pronouns is now considered sexual harassment (msn.com)

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