Christian Mom Says Gender Ideology Destroyed Family After Husband Transitioned

Fox News| by Hannah Grossman| August 24, 2023 DP News Summary Talking Points: A Christian mom says that transgender ideology tore her family apart after her husband transitioned to become a woman. Tracy Shannon believes her ex-husband lost himself in “fetish behavior,” which began with what she described as “cross-dressing.” Shannon discovered the behavior after […]

Sex-change Surgeries, Paid for by Taxpayers, Rising Sharply in Maine

Maine Wire | by Steve Robinson | November 30, 2022 The number of taxpayer-funded transsexual surgeries in Maine has nearly quadrupled since 2019, the year Democratic Gov. Janet Mills modified MaineCare policy to cover procedures advocates for gender ideology describe as “gender affirming care.” The number of “gender affirming” surgical procedures paid for by MaineCare […]

Eighth graders using the wrong pronouns is now considered sexual harassment

Washington Examiner | by Zachary Faria | May 16, 2022 The insanity of transgender ideology doesn’t stop with encouraging children to undergo damaging, irreversible procedures that involve mutilating or poisoning their bodies. Now, children who don’t butcher the English language at the behest of gender-dysphoric students must be investigated for sexual harassment. This is playing […]