April 17, 2024
2 years ago

The Jan 6 DISTRACTION: Glenn Bleck & President Trump on Overcoming America’s REAL Challenges

Blaze TV | by Glenn Beck | January 5, 2022

Democrats and the mainstream media are laser-focused on making the one-year anniversary of January 6 the only news topic this week. The New York Times editorial board says, “January sixth is not in the past, it is every day.”

The Left could not be more tone-deaf on this. Average Americans don’t dwell on January 6 because they can’t afford to. They have real challenges to deal with, many of which didn’t even exist one year ago – things like food and gas prices and inflation. Every day, Americans are experiencing the stark difference it makes to live under a federal government controlled by Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer.

Glenn says leftists are using January 6 as a distraction from their own drastic failures over the past year.

Americans want to talk about real issues, so Glenn traveled to Mar-a-Lago for an exclusive conversation with former President Trump about our reality under Biden’s leadership now and how we fix our future. They also discuss the authoritarian vaccine mandates, what he would do about Fauci if he were still in office, and the growing threats from Russia and China. The former president also answers how he would take on a Deep State committed to his destruction if he runs for a second term.

Finally, Glenn reveals his strategy for candidates to easily win against the disastrous Democrats in ’22 and ’24.

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