A Survivor Of Communism Tells How You Can Stand For Truth

Glenn Beck | October 27, 2021 In communist Romania, the odds were stacked against Virginia Prodan. But because she witnessed as a child her parents losing their rights to government, she was determined to search and fight for truth. Prodan shares with Glenn her amazing story of survival, perseverance, and faith, but she also shares […]

It’s time to prepare for lower living standards in America

Glenn Beck | September 23, 2021 Thanks to the radical left’s goal to destroy our economy, it’s time to prepare for shortages in several industries — not just energy and food. In fact, Glenn worries that living standards in America could mirror those in Venezuela within the next FOUR YEARS. In this clip, he explains […]

Glenn Beck Gives Emotional Update On Afghan Rescue: “I ask you to pray”

September 13, 2021 The conditions in Afghanistan under the Taliban rule — for Americans, allies, Christians, women and more — continue to deteriorate. And the people there continue to plead, Glenn says, that we will not forget them. Glenn provides an emotional update on current evacuation efforts, including the tragic story of one girl — […]

Taliban Holds Up Glenn Beck Group’s Planes; At Least 100 Americans Among Passengers

By Naveed Jamali AND Christina Zhao On 9/5/21 at 10:29 PM EDT Both NGO officials said the Taliban grounded the flights amid a breakdown in negotiations with the State Department, with one adding that the Taliban could be attempting to “shake down” the airline or State Department for money in exchange for takeoff clearance. Negotiations […]