BREAKING: TUCKER CARLSON LAUNCHING NEW SHOW ON TWITTER | by DP News Staff | May 9, 2023 Just breaking within the past hour and half, Tucker Carlson has announced he will be relaunching his news program on Twitter. editor has stated many a time that Tucker Carlson is the rightful heir to Rush Limbaugh’s mantle of America’s anchorman. Let the news […]

Elon Musk Locks Out Twitter Engineers, Has Tesla Staff Review Code

Breitbart | by Lucas Nolan | October 28, 2022 Following his takeover of Twitter, Tesla CEO Elon Musk reportedly had Tesla engineers review Twitter’s software code and prevented Twitter engineers from making further changes. Bloomberg reports that on Thursday, Elon Musk arrived at Twitter offices to officially confirm his company takeover after the $44 billion purchase deal closed. As part […]