NO, Italy’s new prime minister is NOT a fascist. Here’s why.

Glenn Beck | September 27, 2022 The mainstream media is going into OVERDRIVE trying to convince the world that Italy’s newly elected prime minister, Giorgia Meloni, is a fascist. In this clip, Glenn explains what Meloni ACTUALLY believes, breaking down her ‘radical’ views that have put the far-left into a tailspin. But if you know […]

Intel expert EXPOSES FBI leadership for ‘WEAPONIZING POWER’

Glenn Beck | September 27, 2022 Richard Grenell is no stranger to government corruption. In fact Grenell, former Acting Director of National Intelligence, tells Glenn how he witnessed corruption within the FBI firsthand. The deception that’s plaguing the D.C. swamp, he says, is thanks to department leaders weaponizing their power, not the rank and file […]

The Fourth Turning: What past generations can teach us about our future

Tony Robbins | July 1, 2022 There’s no denying that you and I are part of a significant inflection point in human history. We are living in interesting times. In this video you will see a 2022 conversation in front of a small audience with historian and demographer, Neil Howe, as we discuss: the patterns […]