Why we can no longer just “put God back in schools”

NickiTruesdell.com | by Nicki Truesdell |February 4, 2023 How do you put God back in schools? This seems to be the knee-jerk response of many Americans to the sad state of affairs in our society today. “Put God back in schools!” Here’s the thing: this is not your Grandma’s America. It’s certainly not your great-grandma’s […]

What the New England Primer teaches us about America

NickiTruesdell.com | by Nicki Truesdell |February 1, 2023 Did you know that our American colonial ancestors created a textbook for their children solely for the purpose of learning to read the Bible? The New England Primer combined the ABCs with a catechism and was the primary school text for the colonies for well over 100 […]

The History of Education In America (Timeline) and How It Compares to Today

NickiTruesdell.com | by Nicki Truesdell | January 31, 2023 It doesn’t take twelve years to educate a child. Stay with me here while I beg you to re-think the education system that has been the norm in America for 100 years. Ahhh, 100 years? Only that long? Yes. So what happened before that? I’m glad […]

Oxford Hills School Board Temporarily Blocks Gender Policy

Maine Wire | by Steve Robinson | December 5, 2022 The Oxford Hills School Board voted unanimously Tuesday night to indefinitely postpone the adoption of a controversial policy that would require school employees to keep details of students’ mental health secret from parents. Under the proposed policy, a student experiencing gender dysphoria or gender confusion could ask a […]

Gender Identity School Policy Leads To Recall Elections For Maine School Board Members

The Daily Wire | by Mairead Elordi | November 23, 2022 Two school board members in one of Maine’s largest school districts are facing recall elections over their support for a controversial gender identity school policy. Nearly 700 people signed a petition to remove board members Julia Lester and Sarah Otterson from the Oxford Hills School District school […]

$600k Ad Blitz Hits Gov. Mills for “Gender Queer” School Book

Maine Wire | by Steve Robinson | October 24, 2022 A conservative political action committee on Sunday announced a $600,000 TV ad buy to draw attention to the inclusion of left-wing, hyper-sexualized books in Maine’s public school classrooms and libraries. The ad connects those books directly to the policies of Maine Gov. Janet Mills. Maine […]

Secret audio reveals Maine teacher ranting about politics, mocking Trump-supporting parents

Maine Wire | by Steve Robinson | October 16, 2022 Gray-New Gloucester Middle School instructor Ann Cook’s shocking rant to an 8th grader raises questions about indoctrination in Maine’s government-run schools. Shocking audio obtained by The Maine Wire reveals a Maine public school teacher subjecting a student to a racially charged political rant and telling […]