Ohio GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Interviewed

DavesPaper.com | by AmericanAskins | March 21, 2022 Joe Blystone attends an event at OhioansDefendingFreedom.com with Facilitator Nick Askins (AmericanAskins) with Davespaper.com.Joe Blystone answers questions about his Gubernatorial race and views on the state of Ohio.

DP Meets Up With Ohio Ind Gubernatorial Candidate, Niel Peterson

DavesPaper.com | by Nick Askins | January 23, 2022 Nick Askins, of DavesPaper.com caught up with Ohio’s Niel Petersen Independent gubernatorial candidate at the Maximum Freedom Rally in Columbus, Ohio hosted by Call2Action-Ohio on January 8, 2022. Davespaper.com caught up with Petersen and asked his views on crucial issues across the country and the state […]

OhioansDefendingFreedom.com Hold Fundraiser For Jan 6er

DavesPaper.com | by Nick Askins | May 22. 2021 Doug Wright is an American patriot who was in Washington , D.C. on January 6, 2021 and entered into the Capitol, the People’s House. He has been charged and his friends and family have come together to put on fundraisers to assist in offsetting legal fees. […]

Ohioans Stand For Workplace Freedom; Pushes Back On OSHA Vaxx Mandate

DavesPaper.com | by Nick Askins | November 20, 2021 Ohioans gathered in Barberton, Ohio on Friday to protest Washington DC’s tyrannical OSHA workplace vaccine mandates at the American Freedom No Medical Tyranny Rally. DP reporter, Nick Askins arrived around 4:30pm to about 50 freedom-loving American protesters. One attendee at the rally was 2022 Ohio GOP […]

Ohio Rep. Bob Gibbs seeks articles of impeachment against Biden

Ohio Republican cites the extension of eviction moratorium, border crisis An Ohio congressman on Friday asked his GOP House colleagues to consider filing articles of impeachment against President Biden for an “unconstitutional” order to extend the eviction moratorium and for his “dereliction” of duty in securing the southern border.  Rep. Bob Gibbs, R-Ohio, sent a letter to his fellow Republicans urging them to seek […]

Ohio Supreme Court Denies Relief to Local Initiative Proponents

On August 3, the Ohio Supreme Court issued an opinion in State ex rel Schmitt v Village of Bridgeport, 2021-Ohio-2664. The vote was 6-1. The majority held that a local initiative should not be on the November 2021 ballot, because the petition had been submitted to the wrong village official. Source: Ohio Supreme Court Denies […]