The Air Force’s Hypersonic Scramjet Missile Aced Its Final Test, Beautifully

Popular Mechanics | by Darren Orf | June 9, 2023 The future of aviation is hypersonic. The U.S. Air Force is hard at work on a next-gen hypersonic bomber, and even commercial aviation is looking for ways to push planes into Mach 5 and beyond. But the most pressing issue is to counter the world’s growing (and terrifying) chorus […]

China’s defense minister says war with US would be ‘unbearable disaster’

Fox News | by Bradford Betz | June 4, 2023 Li defended China for sailing a warship across the path of an American destroyer and Canadian frigate transiting the Taiwan Strait China’s defense minister on Sunday conceded that a war between China and the United States would be an “unbearable disaster for the world” and stressed the […]

The US Air Force has retreated from Taiwan without a shot fired

The Telegraph | by David Axe | May 3, 2023 The US Air Force is the biggest and most powerful air force in the world: but maybe not for long. The service is struggling through twin crises – one of money, another of belief in itself – that could narrow its aerial advantage.  At best, the USAF might […]

Lawmakers dig through the rubble of chaotic, deadly Afghanistan withdrawal

The Center Square | by Casey Harper | April 19, 2023 Lawmakers dig through the rubble of chaotic, deadly Afghanistan withdrawal (The Center Square) – Lawmakers lamented the poor execution of the deadly withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan but disagreed on who was to blame at a Congressional oversight hearing Wednesday. President Joe Biden […]

Is the U.S. running out of ammunition?

The Week | by Joel Mathis | March 29, 2023 Ukraine is using a lot of ammunition in its fight against Russia — up to 6,000 artillery shells every day. The result? Munitions stocks among the country’s Western suppliers are starting to run low. That might be about to change. Polish and European Union officials […]

Arizona rancher accused of killing migrant asks for elimination of $1M bond

Fox News | by Adam Sabes | February 10, 2023 The Arizona rancher’s attorney argues the man didn’t believe any of his warning shots could’ve caused the death Watch the latest video at Arizona rancher arraigned on murder charge for allegedly shooting and killing migrant George Alan Kelly, a 73-year-old Arizona man, is being […]

J6 Defendant Victoria White – Who Was Pummeled in the Face by Police with Their Bare Fists and Batons Over 40 Times on January 6 – Arrives in DC for Upcoming Trial This Week

Gateway Pundit| by Jim Hoft | February 6, 2023 To our TGP readers: We had the honor and pleasure to speak with and interview Victoria White in October 2022. Victoria is a wonderful American, a committed mother, a victim of unbelievable police violence, and a beautiful person.  Victoria was beaten over 40 times with open fists and sticks […]

Antifa doesn’t like America and they want to destroy it: Former Antifa member

Fox News | by Kira Mautone | January 24, 2023 Watch the latest video at CNN and other major media outlets are being criticized for making the Antifa attacks in Atlanta appear insignificant, which a former member explains is actually beneficial for Antifa. Former Antifa member Gabriel Nadales  joined “Jesse Watters Primetime” to dig […]