NIH Renews Controversial Grant to EcoHealth for Coronavirus Bat Study

The Epoch Times | by Mark Tapscott | May 9, 2023 National Institute of Health (NIH) officials have re-activated a previously terminated $576,290 federal grant to EcoHealth Alliance to study how outbreaks of deadly viruses like SARS, MERS, and now COVID-19 originate from wildlife and transfers to humans. The move has prompted one Republican lawmaker […]

After Assisting China’s Military in COVID R&D the Biden Administration Gives Ecohealth Alliance a $4.7 Million Grant

the Gateway Pundit | by Joe Hoft | January 23, 2022 After being involved with China in the research and development of the China coronavirus, Ecohealth Alliance is provided another grant under Biden’s Administration.  We’ve reported previously on Ecohealth Alliance.  This entity worked with China’s military in researching coronaviruses. BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Documents Obtained by Judicial […]