Pelosi & Schumer Shoving HR1 & HR4 In A NASA Bill

DP CALL TO ACTION | TOP PRIORITY: Call US Senators Today!!! | Calvin Audibert | January 16, 2022 Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Majority Leader Chuck Schumer teamed up on Thursday to take the defeated HR 1, aka, For The People’s Act and HR 4 and backdoored a NASA House Bill, HR 5746 in an […]

Democrats Intent on Blowing Up Filibuster to Unconstitutionally Federalize Elections

Townhall | Brian Darling | January 4, 2022 Democrats in Congress are conspiring and plotting to federalize elections to make it easier for them to retain control of the federal government. They are pushing unconstitutional legislation that violates the power of states to run elections. To do this, Democrats need to blow up the filibuster.  […]

Dems pivot from Build Back Better to illiberal voting ‘rights’ bill

New York Post | by David Harsanyi | December 19, 2021 Unable to pass their welfare-state expansion with a simple majority, Democrats have shelved Build Back Better. Now prepare for the entire left-wing infrastructure — politicians as well as the establishment press — to pivot hard from the fake “social safety net” bill to the […]