F-15 vs. AR-15? Bet on the Guys With the Guns

Townhall.com | by Kurt Schlichter | September 5, 2022 Father of the Year and alleged President Joe Biden is busy trying to rile up his base of weirdos, adjunct professors, gender studies grads, government timeservers, sexually unsatisfied wine women and their sexually unsatisfying life partners. That’s why Dork Brandon pulled one of my favorites out […]

Weekend In Review: A Real Look At Canadian Patriots In Ottawa

DavesPaper.com | by TAKM Cinema | February 21, 2022 Follow Canadian independent cinematographer, Tyler Matoff as he brings to DavesPaper.com audience front line coverage of freedom-loving Canadian patriots standing firm and peacefully protesting against a tyrannical, global elitist, PM Justin Trudeau. This is raw footage from the front line and emotions are running high. Be […]